The Process of Cleaning Makeup Brushes with Alcohol

The Process of Cleaning Makeup Brushes with Alcohol – Makeup is the completion of fashion and self-performance. Wearing beautiful dress without any makeup will not give any sense at all. Many people are already smart in using makeup in their days. However, have they known the way of cleaning makeup brushes with alcohol? It seems that cleaning brushes for makeup is a rare thing to do. Actually this activity is pretty important to be done at least once a week. Some people are putting a day in a month also. The time you clean your brushes can be based on how often you use the brushes for makeup activity.

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The more you use your makeup brushes, the more you should do the process of cleaning makeup brushes with alcohol. Basically, there are so many materials which are available in the store of makeup that are functioned to clean the makeup brushes. The bad thing is that the prices that are contained in the product to clean the brushes. Most of them are too expensive, so people cannot afford that just for a brush cleaner. Many of them tend to buy the newest or the hottest product of makeup than just buy brushes cleaner with the same price.

To be wise, you must plan your cleaning makeup brushes with alcohol schedule because it is pretty important. Make up brushes contain a lot of dirt that we never expect. We know that every makeup is having their period. It means that the makeup will be expired in its time. The amount of makeup are more than ten or even 20 kinds and brands. To be honest, you must not be aware with each expired date as well. To avoid the expired makeup are sticking in your beautiful skin, you have to kill all the dirt using alcohol.

Choose alcohol with the high amount of pure alcohol. The higher the capacity, the more it will kill the dirt and the bacteria inside. You can start cleaning makeup brushes with alcohol by pouring water on the brushes until all of its part is wet. Do not let any part of them are dry because it will make the part untouched by the alcohol. Once the brushes wet, you can wrap it using some drop of alcohol. The reason you use water drop is to keep the alcohol in its effective amount. Make sure that the alcohol can reach every deepest corner of the brushes.

After you are done to pour the alcohol into the brushes, all you can do is to wait for several minutes. This steps need a huge patience, so you can do other activities to make this process seems so fast. After you found that the alcohol is spread well, you can start to make your brushes dry. Before that, do not forget to wash the brushes with water. A proper way of finishing brushes cleaning is not over yet. The last thing that you need to consider in cleaning makeup brushes with alcohol is to keep the brushes in the right place and temperature.

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